Fikrim Damka

Fikrim Damka

Minister of Regional Development, Kosovo


Fikrim Damka was born on October 16, 1972 in Prizren. He has completed his primary education at the Motrat Qiriazi Primary School and the secondary education at the Gjon BozukuHigh School. In 1992 he started his undergraduate studies at the Istanbul University Department of Economics and graduated in 1996. 

After the war in 1999 he started to teach at the High School of Economics and Law in Prizren. In 2002 he was elected as the President of the Association for Kosovar-Turkish Teachers. During his presidency he has given importance to the identification of problems related with the Turkish educational system in Kosovo. Having considered the reasons for these problems he has organized many annual meetings, conferences and seminars with the aim of seeking solutions and ensuring the future success of the Turkish educational system in Kosovo. As a result of these engagements he has been able to solve many emerging issues.

In 2005 based on the proposal of the Kosovo Turkish Democratic Party (KDTP) he was appointed as a member of Kosovo’s Central Census Committee where he served until 2011. In 2007 he was elected as the board member of Kosovo Turkish Democratic Party (KDTP) – Prizren branch. From 2009 he served as the member of the Central Executive Board and Secretary General of the party until 2019 when he became the President of the party.

In 2008 he was appointed as the adviser to the Minister of Environment and Spatial Planning and in 2009 as a Deputy Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Rural Development. In the parliamentary elections of 2010, he was elected as a Member of the Parliament for the first time. Following that, he was re-elected in the elections of 2014, 2019 and 2021.

During his first mandate as a member of the parliament he became the Chairperson of the Committee for Health, Labor and Social Welfare. In his second mandate he served as the Chairperson of the Committee for Agriculture, Forestry and Rural Development for one and a half years. Lastly, he served as the Vice President of the Assembly, 2nd Vice President of the Committee for Health, Labor and Social Welfare, as well as the member of Budget and Finance Committee and the Kosovo/Turkey Parliamentary Friendship Group. Presently, he is appointed as the Minister of Regional Development.

He has initiated many humanitarian activities and projects for people in need.

His native language is Turkish. He speaks Albanian, Serbian and English.