Anita Richter

Anita Richter

Acting Head of the OECD South East Europe Division


Anita Richter is heading the South East Europe Division in the OECD Global Relations and Cooperation Directorate.

Ms Richter has been in charge for co-ordinating the relationship and country engagement with South East Europe and providing policy advice for governments of the region since 2015. She led different strategic streams of work on structural reforms, green and digital transition, and SME resilience in the Western Balkans and Turkey. She co-ordinated and co-authored a number of regional OECD reviews, including the SME Policy Index, Competitiveness Outlook, Labour Migration, to provide evidence-based reform recommendations.

Prior to joining the OECD, Ms Richter worked for the German government with duty stations in Moscow, Bishkek and San José.

She holds a PhD from the Warwick Business School (UK) and MA and BA degrees from University of Leipzig (Germany).