Why attend

The International Exhibition BEYOND was designed to be a focal point for developing companies active in new technologies and their various fields of application. 

Addressing to a broad audience mainly from south-eastern Europe, the Mediterranean, and MENA, alongside with the participation of guests from more than 20 countries, BEYOND is an international platform for exchanging views and ideas that explore the social and economic impact of the 4th Industrial Revolution and the multiple opportunities created in the evolving sector of technologies.

During the exhibition, participants will have the opportunity to become members of a targeted and growing community through which they can promote their products and services, meet investors, stakeholders, representatives from international research and science centers, grow their businesses and be informed about any evolution in the field of technologies with emphasis on Ai technology.

Furthermore, an important conference will take place during BEYOND with the participation of internationally renowned speakers, scientists, and executives sharing their knowledge and experience. Under the motto “Exhibition Meets Summit”, Thessaloniki, a vibrant city playing a leading role in the field of startups, spinoff companies, and technology businesses, will become for a second consecutive year a big development hub where participants in the exhibition program will have the opportunity to establish meaningful business relationships, create a network with both private and public sector agencies, as well as draw inspiration for tomorrow.